Burnout is real and it's coming to get you..

Richard Dalton Profile Picture Richard Dalton

Do you love programming?

I love programming. I've loved programming since I was 10, that's 30 years ago.

If the people I graduated college with are typical then about 1 in 5 of them are still writing code for a living. Where are the rest? Academia, Management, Training, Other Professions, perhaps no longer working at all.

If you write code then you need a plan B because simple attrition means you are unlikely to be able to keep doing what you love into your 40's unless you take steps to make sure you are the 1 in 5.

Burnout is real. I've seen it in others, I've experienced it myself, one thing I haven't done is talk about it, and despite knowing a large network of programmers (of a certain age) I rarely hear it spoken about, I never see it covered by talks.

Don't vote for this session if you want code. There will be no code. I have another session that contains only code, vote for that instead.

This talk contains humour, confessions, cold hard facts, stark warnings, useful suggestions and more humour, because you've got to laugh at the absurdity of it all.