Component Driven Development with Aurelia.

Sean Hunter Profile Picture Sean Hunter

The web development and design worlds are converging on the idea that websites should be built out of a system of components (or significant panels) rather than the traditional monolithic website approaches of the past. Building websites in this way improves agility, testability, reusability, and even team collaboration. The design world is also moving in this direction with the increasing popularity of Atomic Design

Aurelia is a next generation JavaScript framework built from the ground up with the idea of allowing developers to build component based user interfaces with a natural and intuitive workflow.

In this talk we’ll take a deep dive into how to build component based single page applications by combining Aurelia’s dynamic composition and CustomElement & CustomAttribute features. We’ll then look at how we can make these components communicate in a way that is simple to implement and maintainable in the long run, by combining DataBinding and pub-sub with the AureliaEventAggregator.